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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brief?

We will email you a link to high quality live opportunities with detailed descriptions of the outcomes needed from the campaign. It will information including current traffic levels, objectives and the work needed.  Access to there briefs is included as part of your subscription.

How do I respond?

You will create a proposal in our famous 10 minute proposal template and we include your Indie Tribe profile link in your response. We will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

What does the other expert do?

The community member who posted the brief receives all proposals from members in our community and they then select the experts they want to work with. If the other community member wants to chat with you before selecting you we will arrange a video call.

How will I know I have been selected?

Indie Tribe will notify you that you have been selected. You will have a final opportunity to accept or reject the job once you have clarified all the details. The client will then pay a deposit for you to start work and we will send you final confirmation.

How does payment work?

You are paid 50% before you start the work and 50% on completion. If the work is ongoing you will be paid a flat amount in the following months.